Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Believe it or not there are some people who are actually finding their way here to this site. And it's so easy to post a blog here.

James Carvel is pushing his new book about how the Democrats will rule for the next 40 years. Wouldn't that be nice. Obama does seem to be doing all the right things doesn't he? When you look that far ahead you have to think about who will run things after Obama and Joe Biden doesn't appear to be able to keep his mouth shut. So who will it be? It's funny to listen to all the different arguments about the different Republicans who might be able to do something. People don't appear to know what Mormons believe, and when they find out, I think that decision will be over. And Palin has a lot of the same problems. Does she speak in tongues? Handle snakes? Think the earth will end next week? Think the earth is flat??

-- Osama bin Laden -- 250 Guantanamo Bay Cuba POW's --
--Half the world tries to survive on two dollars a day--
----24,000 people will starve to death today----

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