Sunday, May 17, 2009

I picked up a few new books at the library sale, including:

Introduction to BASIC Programming by Shelly and Cashman and

The BASIC Handbook by David A. Lien

Ah yes! Obscure computer languages! My choice for recreational reading! The second one is set up under all the commands. That should come in nice if you already know the commands, just not what they do! That doesn't make sense does it?

My ancient computer refused to keep running AVG antivirus so I tried to download AVIRA. On my third try I got a good download but it too said I had to update my Windows version ( WindowsME ).

-- Osama bin Laden -- 250 Guantanamo Bay Cuba POW's --
--Half the world tries to survive on two dollars a day--
----24,000 people will starve to death today----

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