Saturday, June 6, 2009

The blueberries are in full fruit now and they sure are good, even though there aren't nearly as many as last year. All those storms this spring knocked off all the blossoms and the oranges went the same way as well.

As you remember, I was concerned that kids today don't know the words to songs the way my wife and I did. Sitting at a coffee shop a few hours ago about twenty country songs played on the juke box and every waitress in the place mouthed the words to every song complete. So things haven't changed all that much. I just must remember that I am in the true South now and people aren't exactly the same.

Just think! In just a very few years my hateful generation will be dead and gone with all their hatred of Blacks, Orientals, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, Liberals, Gays, and all religions but their own. Just think of the huge weight that will be lifted off the shoulders of the world. My generation will be one that the world should be overjoyed to be rid of!

-- Osama bin Laden -- 250 Guantanamo Bay Cuba POW's --
--Half the world tries to survive on two dollars a day--
----24,000 people will starve to death today----

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