Thursday, June 25, 2009

So the spring is over and I'm spending a lot of time knapping in front of the air conditioner. Sorry, Al Gore. I do try to go down to the Gulf and watch the sun set. That's the least I can do. The pellicans have a game of seeing how far they can glide without flapping their wings. Last night the wind was from the south east and they did pretty well using the updrafts from all the condos.

The June grass, a lettuce like seaweed is heavy this year. The method used to fish in it is to hook the fish and they wade out to where the fish is and then try to pick him straight up. With any other method your line breaks from all the seaweed. After the June grass comes the red tide that stinks and smells so bad it makes your eyes water. Ah! the delights of living by the Gulf.

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