Monday, June 15, 2009

English Sparrows have also filled some ecological niche here at the beach. Near sundown every day they comb the dunes looking for what must be sea oat seeds. The oats are there and so are the birds, so what else? The sparrows once specialized in this country on digging thru horse manure. With the advent of the automobile, the sparrow population crashed except for those that could find other niches to fill. Here the sparrows are experimenting in nesting in the dried up old fronds of palm trees.They also nest in the "o's" of raised letter signs along the highway and on the sides of buildings.

-- Osama bin Laden -- 250 Guantanamo Bay Cuba POW's --
--Half the world tries to survive on two dollars a day--
----24,000 people will starve to death today----

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