Friday, June 26, 2009

Let's hear more about the pelicans! Well the wind yesterday was so light that they couldn't do the trick where they stay in the condo updraft. A few tried it and appeared to be working hard flapping their wings. Most stayed a few inches off the water about a hundred yards off the bench. That close to the water there's a cushion of air that is easy t0 glide on. I learned all that during my hang gliding phase.

There's a new fad here where you paddle a large surfboard with a long paddle standing up. I watched a bunch do it and they don't appear to have a j-stroke like they use on canoes. They paddle on one side and then they switch and paddle on the other side. I was thinking about a paddling rig like they use on Venetian gondolas! They don't ever switch sides at all and move along pretty well.

I suppose I should say something about Michael Jackson. He was a great entertainer it must be said. I liked his music and his dancing. Wow! wasn't that great?

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